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Footesteps Ltd.

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Footesteps Ltd provides video promotion and speaker courses that encourage effective communication .


"The training was invaluable"


"The style of training definitely helped."

Any time you want to connect with people who think and feel differently than you do, your communication skills will be the key factor that determine your results.


There is no doubting businesses value the ability to share thoughts and ideas effectively. Even small improvements in your ability to communciate will have a profound effect on the quality of your life and business.  Debra is a successful Speaker Coach and Videographer who can help promote your business and get you noticed.


Vital to all businesses, speaking and communication skills aid sales, selling, training, teaching and keeping any audience engaged. If you want the opportunity to access those skills with one on one attention - get in touch.



"Clear, concise, with good advice."


"Great investment of my time!"

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